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When you're looking for a practical, economical tissue for your office business, or organization, choose the Surpass Facial Tissue Cube. They feature two-ply utility for strength and absorbency at a price that's good for your bottom line. Your staff and guests will appreciate these hygienic commercial white tissues for the nose, face and other skin surfaces, which help prevent the spread of germs. The tissues are folded in the cube-shaped and are layered in an interlocking way, so that one face tissue dispenses at a time. The last 10 tissues are cream colored, alerting you that it's almost time to supply a new box (this is called the signal sheet feature). You'll want to buy them in bulk!

Each white face tissue is 8.4 x 8.2”, 2-ply, absorbent and strong

The box measures 5” x 4.375” x 4.375 (H x W x L)

The low-alert system keeps you ahead of run-outs (final 10 tissues are cream instead of white, so you’ll know it’s time to replace the box)

These bulk tissues are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, Eco Logo certified and meet EPA minimum standards

Kimberly-Clark Product Code 21320
Color White
Ply 2
Post-Consumer Waste 40%
Recycled Fiber Content 45%
Certifications ECOLOGO
United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Quantity/Unit 110
Units/Case 36
Quantity/Case 3960