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Suprox-D® Gallon

Suprox-D® Gallon


Suprox-D is an EPA registered, neutral pH in dilution, hospital disinfectant with the cleaning power of peroxide. Containing twice the amount of peroxide than most brands, Suprox-D excels at cleaning and can be used on many surfaces. Its neutral pH makes it safe on floors, and the peroxide aids in brightening grout on hard tile surfaces. Excellent cleaning and disinfecting, combined with a cost effective 2 ounce per gallon dilution rate makes Suprox-D the ideal choice to replace a multitude of products in a cleaning program, simplifying staff training and streamlining purchasing. Dye-free and fragrance free.

  • Disinfectant with the cleaning power of peroxide
  • Economical 2 oz. per gallon dilution rate
  • Neutral pH when diluted properly at 2 oz. per gallon of water

1 Gallon